Reselling your kid’s clothes to make $$$$

As parents, we spend hundreds (if not thousands), on your kid’ clothing that they grow out of as soon as you buy it! We provide an opportunity to resell these and recover as much of your money as possible. On top of that, you have two options at the end of the sale. 1) Get your items back or 2) Mark to donate your clothes to local foster care closets around the DFW.

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Donating to help those who need it

As mentioned previously, you have an option to mark whether you want your unsold clothes back to collect dust or mark them for donation to one of the many foster closets we have partnered with in the DFW area. These closets provide free clothing to foster parents who otherwise would have to spend money out of pocket for all of their clothing items for the kids they take in.

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Why join us?

Here is what it comes down to. We believe that we have created an opportunity for everyone to make some money and help others. We understand what it is like when kids outgrow clothes it seems you just bought them, so we want to help every recoup some of that money spent.

The second reason we want to create this unique sale is because we are foster parents ourselves. You quickly learn that foster parents don’t actually make money for taking in these kids from rough situations. Foster parents receive reimbursement a month and a half after they take in children. This means you are buying food, toys, clothings, etc… out of pocket. One of our goals at Consignment Mamas is  to help provide for those that provide for foster parents for no cost. By everyone who elects to donate their leftover clothes to the foster closets, we should be able to give a great amount of help to those who could use it.

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